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HEDERA offers individually customised, collaborative consultancy, which follows your requirements.  We aim to understand why an issue is important to you and we will help you develop a solution that fits your context. 

Typical pattern for collaborative consultancy

  1. We meet with you to define the issue that you want to work on and clarify why it is important and to whom.
  2. We facilitate the generation of possible strategies and approaches to address the issue.  HEDERA's experience of academic development and creativity may allow us to suggest approaches you have not previously considered. But we know that you understand your context better than anyone and you select the approach you think will work best. We can then produce a strategy for implementing this approach, and we will support you with practical advice and materials in doing so. 
  3. An evaluation of whether the new approach has addressed the original issue. We always believe a review or evaluation should be included in the process. HEDERA's experience of action research, enquiry and evaluation mean that we can undertake a follow-up evaluation for you, as new approaches are piloted, or help you to plan something you can manage easily yourself. We can design materials, such as questionnaires, that you can implement yourself as part of the new approach. Additional help with analysing the evidence, and fine tuning your new approach is always available.

This process could take place over a single 'Away Day' or extend over longer period such as an academic year. We work with you face to face, through online collaboration and everything in between.