What we offer

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HEDERA offers consultancy, workshops, research, evaluation, authoring and development of learning materials. We can work with you on long or short term projects and in many different ways.

word cloud showing hedera areas of work and expertise

Research and Evaluation: We are experienced in qualitative and quantitative research methods. We conduct interviews, run focus groups, design and administer surveys, including analysis of resulting data.  We can design a research project or a formative evaluation, or act as external evaluators.

Workshops: We can provide a customised workshop or awayday or we can help you design your own. We work with staff or students. Workshops may be single, stand-alone events or contribute to an ongoing programme.

Course development: Are you creating a new course? Improving a course? Moving a course online? Drawing on our experience of designing both academic and professional development courses, we can help you to engage participants and provide them with the best possible learning experience.

Authoring: We have substantial experience of writing reports, teaching materials, and support or training documentation.

Consultancy: We provide an individually customised, collaborative approach to innovation, problem solving or improving practice.

Current work